Tuesday, October 12, 2010

prajitura cu piersici si migdale

  • 185 g de unt
  • 1 plic zahar vaniliat
  • 165g zahar
  • 3 oua
  • 300 g faina
  • 125 ml lapte
  • 450g piersici,se taie cuburi mici
  • 40 g  de migdale
  • 1 praf de copt
Mod de preparare:

într-un castron frecati untul zahar şi zahăr vaniliat pana la organizarea,adaugati ouale cate unul pe rand.

apoi adaugati piersici, migdale macinate,lapte si faina amestecata cu praf de copt.

puneti aluatul in forma de prajitura unsa,bagati la cuptor 180 timp de 50-60 min


Vlad Marcu said...

hello Nawal, do you have news, did you open the bakery ?

nawal said...

Hi vlad , how are u? ouff took so long so many many papers by 1st of November i think we will officially open , you will be welcome to come and visit :)

Vlad Marcu said...

heyyy so good news, i'm glad to hear this that, it will be a pleasure to visit the Bakery ;)
I'm werry good, working, learning, experimenting new recipes, working hard to get better, because I know I can :)

But tell me the adress, you told me that is in the Calea Lipovei area, but I do not know exactly where is the place.

I'm so curious to see the place, keep in touch until then.

Have a nice day ;)

Nadji said...

Je découvre ton blog.
C'est vrai que la cuisine marocaine est très bonne.
A bientôt.

Surac said...

Arata super, rustic...

nawal said...

Multumim, surac... si o fost foarte foarte buna

pansy said...

o prajitura cu o aroma speciala cred ! piersici cu migdale cred ca e grozav.

Gabriela said...

Arata foarte bine,si de gust nu mai vorbesc!pup!

nawal said...

Pansy, prajitura o avut un gust super bun norocul meu piersici o avut un aroma deosebita.

nawal said...

Gabriela, multumim, pupic :)

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