Wednesday, May 5, 2010

fursecuri cu stafide si susan


  • 125 g unt
  • 1 praf de copt
  • 100 g stafide
  • 100 g zahar
  • 3 linguri vanilie
  • 4 linguri lapte
  • 1 zahar vanilat
  • 50 g susan prajit in cuptor(fara ulei)
  • 250 g faina

Mod de preparare:

Se face un aluat din margarina, susan, stafide si zahar. Se adauga lapte, vanilie, zahar vaniliat si praf de copt. Se framanta cu faina pana se face tarisor.

Se formeaza chiftelute din aluat. Se pun in tava tapetata cu hartie de copt. Se preseaza cu o forma de flori sau de care aveti.

Se coc la foc potrivit pana cand incep sa se rumeneasca usor.

Cat sunt fierbinti se tavalesc prin zahar pudra.


Vlad Marcu said...

hello hello, verry nice recipies, now i have a source for maroccan recipes written in romanian, i didn't succed to upload more recipies on my blog, i had 4 bussy weeks, i work and study for the driver licence, but in the same time i make new experiments in the kitchen .... pfff i have to go again on the shop from brancoveanu street, I need to make some provisions again with products from that shop :D a great shop indeed

nawal said...

Hi vlad, 10x for the comment,me i was shopping this weekend from szeged,i'll go also to that store this week by some arabic stuff :))).

Vlad Marcu said...

yes, I will go too on brancoveanu, I have no more tahina, pine seeds and coriander. today I will try the recipe with lemmons in salt and watter, and after that a long period to wait for them to be ready :D 3-5 weeks as you sad

nawal said...

You do not have to wait a lot for them i'll give you some of mine :))))
PS: i took my patiserie diploma also last week i think ... so i'm bucatar and patissar:))))

Adrianuta said...

felicitari pentru diplome inca o data si de la mine:)) Te pup.

nawal said...

merci Adriana :))

Vlad Marcu said...

yes, i remember the taste of the lemmons, verry intresting taste, diferent from the taste I expect, so because I like the taste so much, i think i will put in jars a lot of kilos of lemons :D but you have to tell me some recipes where i can introduce these lemmons ;)

So now you have started to make art opera cakes like Alexandra, don't open a pattiserie laboratory before telling me :P


nawal said...

:)))) alexandra is way ahead of me i'm sticking just with cookies and french cakes and of course cooking...

almost all moroccan food have conserved lemon on them but i'll put more on the blog:P

ionela said...

Ce dragute sunt!

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